AZ Truck Driver

AZ Truck Driver

Job description

  • On behalf of the insurance company, you will sell and help customers to manage their insurance policies. Their duties include: attracting new clients and answering their questions, helping clients choose the best policy
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Team work
Public speaking
Time management

Position :

AZ Truck Driver

Detail :

  • Availability: Full/Part Time
  • Experience: 5 Year
  • Age: 25+ Years
  • Gender: All
  • Vacancy:
  • Qualification: Bachelor

Benefits :

  • Work with friendly, hard-working and kind colleges.
  • We offer attractive benefit packages.
  • Bonuses, health insurance, training programs, team work activities.

Responsibility :

  • Drive to deliver goods to clients.
  • Ensure temperature of goods is maintained throughout the entire journey.
  • Regular inspections of any/all units being used, record any issue.
  • If interested, please apply by email:

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